Standing Meetings

Stand on the shoulders of giants with these live development meetings for all of our Kepler-level content! Our course creators are a diverse group of technical professionals with a passion for their fields and a desire to pass along that passion to the next generation. If you’re interested in getting to know our course creators, learning how curriculum development happens at The Shoulders of Giants, and finding out more about the decisions that lead to the content in our courses, this is a great series to check out!

Development meetings air weekly or semi-weekly, with 3-4 Kepler courses in development in any given semester. Click the course links below for a list of episodes and a link to the course repository; currently enrolled Mentorship students may access these courses directly through TSoG eLearning.

Biology / Bioengineering

New courses coming soon!

Chemistry / Chemical Engineering

New courses coming soon!

Computer Science / Software Engineering

COMP 2101 – Embedded Systems Programming

Electrical / Electronics Engineering

ELEC 2101 – Basic Electronics

Mechanics / Mechanical Engineering

MECH 2101 – Mechanical CAD and CAM

MECH 2103 – Computational Aerodynamics