Sponsor The Shoulders of Giants

The Shoulders of Giants, Inc. is a nonprofit organization registered under Internal Revenue Code 501(c)(3) (public charity). As such, all donations made to the organization are tax deductible. You may find a copy of our IRS determination letter here.

Additionally, The Shoulders of Giants is committed to transparency in all of our operations, and is listed as a Platinum Organization on Guidestar. Financial records, including forms 990 filed for all previous fiscal years, may be publicly accessed through that profile.

Individual Sponsors

If you are an individual interested in donating to The Shoulders of Giants or sponsoring one of our students, we recommend that you do so via Patreon. It’s a great platform that helps us manage relationships and communications with our donors while seamlessly providing you with bonus content depending on your sponsorship level. While we do participate in some individual giving events (e.g. North Texas Giving Day), the simplicity and integrations offered through Patreon make it our platform of choice for individual donations.

Corporate Sponsors

Getting students excited about science and engineering benefits us all. Elevating our education systems and equipping future generations with technical skills and knowledge to innovate and thrive in a global economy is the best investment the business community can make. The Shoulders of Giants has been a nonprofit leader in advanced technical education since 2013 with the vision of sharing the thrill of scientific discovery with as many students as possible.

To help disadvantaged students, we are seeking corporate sponsorship to provide basic instrumentation, tools, and resources to get started and have success in our educational platform. Since all proceeds go to supporting the nonprofit mission, they are considered 501(c)(3) tax-deductible donations. Proceeds also help to fund student-led community outreach projects.

To become a corporate sponsor, please complete the form below: