Foundations is our main Copernicus-level (middle or early high school) series focused on advanced mathematics and computer programming.

To get serious about science and engineering, first you have to speak the language – and that language is mathematics! Dr. Foland has crafted a unique approach to higher-level math with a backbone of programming, allowing students to leverage computational resources to solve practical problems that would be out of reach otherwise. In this series, you will explore statistics, linear algebra, and the fundamentals of calculus, all with a side of programming in Python.

Foundations in Python airs twice weekly each summer, for a total of 24 episodes. The remaining series, Foundations in Statistics, Foundations in Linear Systems, and Foundations in Calculus, air once weekly for a total of 12 episodes apiece throughout the academic year. Actively enrolled students will receive additional practice problems and at-home exercises related to each episode via our eLearning platform.