About The Shoulders of Giants, Inc.

In 1676, Isaac Newton, one of the most influential mathematicians and scientists of all time, famously wrote:

“If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.”

– Isaac Newton

The Shoulders of Giants, Inc. (TSoG) is a nonprofit (501(c)(3)) organization founded in 2013 on a vision that world-class science education should be available to all students of all ages. Since 2015, The Shoulders of Giants has offered an immersive, ongoing mentorship program for dedicated students who would like the opportunity to study more closely under the guidance of Dr. Foland in The Shoulders of Giants’ Laboratory. This program is designed to provide middle and high school students with a broad foundation of knowledge and skills across science and engineering disciplines, experience working and communicating in a professional environment, and helps them develop the study habits necessary to achieve success at the university level and beyond.

In 2019, this world-class program became available to students everywhere with the launch of TSoG.tv! This online platform, created in collaboration between The Shoulders of Giants, Inc. and its sister-company Floating Point Laboratories, LLC, provides at-home exercises, live-streaming, and project support to students anywhere in the world.


To share the thrill of scientific discovery.


To strengthen communities by providing future leaders with a firm foundation in mathematics, science, and engineering.

About Dr. Steven J. Foland

Steven J. Foland (PhD Electrical Engineering) is a co-founder of TSoG, an experienced opto-electro-mechanical engineer, and former director of the Biomedical Engineering program at The University of Texas at Dallas. Since 2012, he has made it his personal mission to demystify, destigmatize, and democratize education in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics for students of all ages.

After leading the Biomedical Engineering program at UT Dallas to accreditation (including completing two crucial ABET reviews), Dr. Foland stepped down to focus on his work with The Shoulders of Giants. He founded Floating Point Laboratories, LLC in summer of 2018 to assist with the development of cutting-edge technological solutions for the classroom and home-learning environments. The culmination of many varied branches of Dr. Foland’s career, TSoG.tv was created in early 2019 as a collaboration between The Shoulders of Giants and Floating Point Labs.