Kepler Program

Student Mentorship Program – Kepler

Open to high school students, TSoG mentorship provides a weekly class schedule covering a variety of foundational skills in science and engineering designed to help prepare students for success in independent projects and university studies. Mentorship students also have the opportunity to learn and apply knowledge in many fields of science and engineering in a friendly lab environment in which they can immerse themselves under the guidance of trained instructors, staff, and volunteers.


A detailed overview of the program, including curriculum contents and program assessment guidelines, is available here.


Instructor-led Coursework (Mondays and Wednesdays)*
Kepler Students (9th-12th grade) – 6:00-7:30pm

Saturday Lab Access**
All Students – 9:00am-4:00pm


* Alternative Saturday Sessions: The Monday coursework will be offered for all students on Saturdays at 9:30am. The Wednesday coursework will be offered at 12:00pm.

** Includes access to 3D printers, electronics test benches, biochemistry lab, computer lab, software, and machine shop, along with expert guidance from a diverse group of scientists and engineers.



Initial Enrollment Fee – $95 – Includes personalized lab coat, name badge, on-site project locker, and lab notebook.

Monthly Membership Fee – $265 – Includes class instruction, course materials, and lab access. (Alternative payment schedules such as semiannual, annual, and school year only arrangements are available)


Space is limited – All interested students must meet with the Head of Faculty in advance of enrollment. Mentorship Enrollment forms may be found here, and should be submitted to once completed.

Contact us at (214) 575-5444 or contact for more information.
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