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In 1676, Isaac Newton famously wrote: "If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants." This humble take on his illustrious career serves as a reminder to us that we owe our achievements in science to those who came before us.

The Shoulders of Giants, Inc. is a nonprofit (501(c)(3)) corporation dedicated to providing opportunities for students of all ages to experience science and engineering first-hand and broaden their educational horizons through the guidance of staff and volunteers from the technical community.

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Our Mission

Our Mission

At The Shoulders of Giants, we strive to share the thrill of scientific discovery. and we believe that one should never stop being a student. The pursuits of science and engineering are rewarding and engaging experiences which, unfortunately, most students do not have the opportunity to fully explore. We exist to help bring that opportunity to all students, of all ages.

Through outreach in the community, our mentorship program for high school students, and professional development of volunteers and staff, we are here to help you study the universe around us while standing on the shoulders of giants.

Our Lab

Located in north east Dallas, The Shoulders of Giants Lab houses nearly 4,000 square feet of dedicated facilities for scientists, engineers, and students to work and learn. The space includes electronics test benches, biochemistry lab, a machine shop, 3D printing capabilities, and more.

TSoG students and volunteers enjoy a laboratory atmosphere that is both welcoming and inspiring.
Our Lab

What We Do

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12021 Plano Road, Suite 170
Dallas, TX 75243


Administrator: lauren@tsogiants.org

Sponsorship Inquiries: donate@tsogiants.org


+1 (214) 575-5444

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